CIC RUHUSEF , the CSR arm of CIC Agribusiness, together with multi shake holder partners such as Agri professionals and the web solution providers are focusing to develop new breed of farmers, who would be able to access and use IT and convert agriculture in to sustainable healthy business provided the public nutrients and health

E societies of rural communities created though other Ruhusef project activities, provide the foundation and strength to local rural farmer net work to break their IT Gaps.

Links and relationships among Agri professionals, farmers and dealer networks by Ruhusef project activities support to overcome social gaps and active usage of Nava Goviya website.

Nava Goviya website will definitely impact on positive changes for future National Agriculture policy in Sri Lanka

Future Expected Navagoviya Services
Navagoviya could be transferred basic knowledge on Agriculture by the languages in Sinhala ,Tamil and English  ( Access to local and Global as well) . Agriculture glossary  will be developed for better understanding

Navagoviya Forum could be delivered or shared the Agriculture based experience of any members of communities irrespective of their professions or scales . Discussion on various problems regarding Agriculture in various disciplines could be made close relationships among personals , Institutions and the interested groups 

Anybody could be accessed to the classified Agriculture related links or the websites exposed to the local and global Agriculture Technology , Researches , Trends and Information with updates  which could applied  to take decisions on Agricultural activities.

RURAL communities could be accessed to IT Network of Agriculture by the supporting of Manussakama (CIC RUHUSEF) project activities such as RAAF , AKSC , Rural IT Clubs formed etc..

Agriculture Resources forum of navagoviya could  provide rapid Agriculture advisory services to the Nation and Navagoviya website could be provided opportunity to create the self value of each resource personal  regarding his or her Agriculture discipline and experience.

Navagoviya could be facilitated Agriculture related SMS to Publics  or Skype advisory through mobile Phones.

Developing the Learning Management System (LMS) to receive a certificate from Agriculture course

Navagoviya could be developed Market places for Agriculture products and services ( Net work of out grower farmers , Shoora Govi front members , Dealers and other interested parties could gradually enter to the market place with RUHUSEF (Manussakama) project related  activities and the reliable relationships)